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For our April First Friday, Spark Plaza partnered with David Ramsey, a leading conservationist as well as winner of the 2011 Conservation Hero of the Year award from Field & Stream, as we worked to understand the Natural Capital that is East Tennessee.  Mr. Ramsey engaged Spark Plaza and guests with conversation regarding conservation, sustainability, and updates on the status of Rocky Fork State Park.  Mr. Ramsey told the group about the work that has been put in by countless volunteers spanning decades of time to save the 10,000 acres from becoming developed, and how it has been set aside as Tennessee’s newest state park!  

Mr. Ramsey is publishing a book that is scheduled to release in late June, early July, that will detail the process and progress as well as provide pictures and a glimpse into the process that was saving the 10,000 acres through raising $40 million dollars and rallying volunteers/voices/people from all across the country.

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