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Spark Plaza is an all-inclusive, shared office space.

Spark Plaza was started by husband and wife team, Jose and Shannon Castillo.  Jose travels frequently and is forced to work in places never designed for work – airplanes, taxi cabs, coffee shops and hotel lobbies.  After seeing several other co-working spaces in other cities, they decided that the Tri-Cities was ready for a better place for freelancers and entrepreneurs to work. 

The Castillos were very intentional in the way Spark Plaza is designed – including the logo.  The orange mark in the middle of the logo is a tribute to Jose’s grandparents, who met in an artist’s co-working space after World War II in Mexico City.  The space was called “La Mancha”, which means the mark or the spot.  The Castillos want Spark Plaza to be a place where others can leave their mark.