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We made a thing

…more specifically, a song!DSC_0745_EDIT

For our February First Friday, we got creative and wrote a song.  Most of our members agree that
as individuals we can’t carry a tune in a bucket, however, as a group we sound pretty O.K.!  

We took a look at the creative process of creating music and writing songs, and then worked through how to apply it to our life and the idea process.

Now this doesn’t mean that any of us will be quitting our day jobs to run off and create that rock band we all once dreamed of having.  However, we may think about releasing a single!  Check out what we came up with below!!

First Friday creative music inspiration at Spark Plaza. I bet your office lunch party is not this fun.

Posted by Kyle Long


Thanks to Campbell’s Morrell Music for hooking us up with some awesome giveaways!



A Beer with no Name

© 2017 Spark Plaza First Friday

Sitting at a bar

Got a beer with no name

It’s lukewarm, canned,

And all tastes the same

There’s gotta be something

Better than this

C                         D                                   (Thump, thump, thump, thump)
Let me figure it out while I go take a …


G                        D
Barkeep, well, he heard my plea

C                         D
He said craft beer is right for me

G                 D
Here’s to flavor, here’s to fizz,

C                        D
Makes me happy to take a wizz

Raise your glass and chug along

G – C – D – C – G
GLUG x 30