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Today is February 29, the day that only occurs once every four years, but what’s so much cooler than that? Spark Plaza’s March newsletter, of course.


PLOT TWIST: March First Friday is not at Spark Plaza! This month we are excited to show off our additional office spaces at Spark Plaza Plus in the Fountain Place building, just down the block from Spark Plaza. We share this awesome central location in Downtown Johnson City with Fizz Soda Bar and C.S. McCullough’s Barber Shop.  That’s right, does your office come with a soda jerk and a barber shop?

Lunch will be served at Fountain Place in the first floor common area at noon on Friday, March 4, featuring sandwiches from Shamrock Beverage and Tobacco Shop and drinks from Fizz Soda Bar. After lunch, we’ll head over to C.S. McCullough’s Barber Shop for some dart throwing and prize winning! We look forward to seeing all of you at Fountain Place on Friday!

After First Friday at Spark Plaza, hang around for the Downtown Johnson City Brand Reveal Party. Don’t miss out on this special event at Hands On! Museum on Friday, March 4, from 4:30-6:00p.m. It’s your chance to be one of the first to see the new Downtown Johnson City brand. Come celebrate, enjoy local food, prizes and more.

Next on our calendar is the TriJS @ Spark Plaza meetup. On the second Tuesday of every month (March 8 at 6:00p.m.), TriCities Java Script hosts a meetup at Spark Plaza. Everyone is welcome! This month’s meetup will be all about “pressing WordPress into service as the back-end for a Java Script app.”

Last, but most definitely not least, on the March itinerary is Spark Plaza’s Happy Hour. This month, it will be hosted at Portico Italian and Latin Restaurant on Spring Street in downtown Johnson City. See you there, on Thursday, March 10 at 5:00p.m!

So, what’s all this talk about leap year anyway?