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Did you know that you could go to work and be PAID to blow things up, shoot guns, play in the water, or even mess around with fans and dirt!?!  Well, the guys over at ActionVFX do just that.  Rodolphe, Joe, Luke, and Gabe have been pretty busy creating, what they hope will one day be, the world’s largest Visual Effects library for use in all sorts of productions. 

For Spark Plaza’s February First Friday, catered by Holy Taco Cantina was definitely one filled with excitement.  The ActionVFX crew came out and spoke about their passion and goals, and the long road that was getting off the ground and being featured in some of today’s hottest TV shows.  They talked about their successes in getting almost 300% funding from Kickstarter, but also talked about how it hasn’t been an easy (or cheap) road.

They are still a budding company, but are starting to garner some real support and airtime from Hollywood!  Definitely give them the opportunity the next time you are looking for Visual Effects.