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Spark Plaza partnered with Startup Tri-Cities for the March First Friday.  Startup Tri-Cities gave a state of the Startup Union address, and talked about “Who Startup Tri-Cities is?” and “What they do?”  They talked about their mission, as well as gave a talk about the importance of validating your ideas!  There were two  local startups on hand that discussed how they validated their idea and jumped into being entrepreneurs!  Awesome lunch was provided by Carribean Grill Food Truck.  A copy of the national report can be found here: State of Entrepreneurship 2017.


During the report, Startup Tri-Cities talked about the number of businesses that we think have started up in the area over the past couple of years.  However, that list is incomplete.  So, to help combat this, Startup Tri-Cities is putting together a directory of startups in the region.  If you or someone you know has a startup in the Tri-Cities or surrounding area, fill out this form: