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July 4th Celebrations Are Making Sparks!
The 4th of July is almost here! There are plenty of activities going down to keep Johnson City celebrating all day.

Pine Oaks and Buffalo Valley golf courses will offer veterans and current military a free round of golf plus a golf cart from noon until closing on July 4th.

This year marks the 31st Annual Pepsi Independence Day Celebration here in Johnson City. On the grounds of Freedom Hall there will be craft vendors, food from local restaurants, and plenty of entertainment. Not to mention, the much favored firework show will happen later that night!

For more information of these 4th of July celebrations, as well as a schedule check out this link:

Be sure to check out the rest of July’s events:

No July First Friday!
Just a reminder that we will not be having a July First Friday this month! Take this weekend to relax and celebrate this holiday with family and friends! We hope to still see everyone this month at our other Spark Plaza events!

New On The App Store!
If you haven’t already heard our Spark Plaza members of Duffek, LLC. created a new app called, BrewFund! It allows you and your friends to send and receive beers from your favorite local craft breweries! Download Now!

TriJS July Meeting
Tuesday, July 12 at 6:00pm TriJS will be having their monthly meeting in Spark Plaza. This month’s speaker will be Shawn Looker. This meeting will feature React Native, which is a way to build world-class applications on a native platform using a consistent developer experience. RSVP Here!